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Lori and her Pa

Posted on Aug 5, 2013 by in Portfolio | 2 comments

Lori Boyd is not my sister — though I kinda wish she was. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lori over the years through my day job in the print industry. She makes me laugh. She’s the kinda gal who puts you at ease just being around her. She has a smile like sunshine — I’m sure anyone who knows her who is reading this will agree with this statement. Conversation is easy with Lori. Even when discussions turn to a more serious tone there remains a lightness of non-judgement and an underlying message that everything is OK. To say the least Lori is simply a great gal!

We’ve bonded about being part of the Boyd Clan. Who knows, maybe our lineage is closer than we think. I should compare our family tree to hers — perhaps we are long lost cousins.

A while back Lori posted a photo of her and her dad on Facebook. It was from the 70’s and I fell in love with it. It was really one of the most awesome photos I had seen in a while.

What I love about this photo are the following:

  1. Her squished in little head
  2. Her father’s arm around her (you can tell he loves her)
  3. Her pants
  4. Her father’s glasses — how awesome are these?
  5. The chair — really, it’s truly the most perfect chair ever
  6. Her bowl cut hairstyle (I sported one of these as well at the same age)
  7. Her little knee that is holding up the toy (not sure but I think it’s one of those musical box/television-style toys that has the picture rotating along with a song like “Old MacDonald”)
  8. Her little hands
  9. I know I mentioned her pants — but really how great are these?

I needed to do a painting of this one — and now I have.

May I present to you:

Lori and her Pa
Digital art on Bamboo Pen Tablet

Lori with Pa


  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! xo

    • My dear Lori – I am SO happy you love it! I just printed a few prints to see how they turned out and they look great. Can’t wait to show them to you! xo

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