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My Journey So Far

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

My Journey So Far
Oil, beadwork, embroidery and collage on an abandoned canvas

This is my life journey. A collection of energy that makes up my story. Here lays my past, my present and my future. My vulnerabilities, my celebrations and so much of the unknown. This process healed me more than I would have ever imagined. It provided me insight into my purpose reinforcing my path here on earth. It allowed me to surrender, to feel the cosmic love and to know I am supported. I am filled with gratitude for all that have crossed my path and taught me more about myself. I am without judgement and am living with a calm heart. I respect everyone’s journey and am utterly blessed with the love and beauty that surrounds me.



Details up close:



My mysterious future



My beautiful moon–it’s feminine energy has held my hand and shown me the way



My son and his bright future



The unknown of my past–those dark moments, those memories lost



My transformation, my ascension



The dark mysterious sky, with a glimmer of light



My star to always wish upon



My crystal grid, my sacred geometry, my systems and processes–my connection to you 



My present day–filled with gifts and compassion



My goddess, myself, my feminine power, my wild woman, my sensuality and my sexuality 


A sea of waves in my present moments anchored by the tapestry I continue to sew


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