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The Blame Game

Posted on Feb 18, 2016 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

The Blame Game
Oil (water soluble) and Acrylic with paper collage, gel medium transfer and sewn buttons on canvas

You know those times, when your inner child…or rather inner children are arguing? When your control freak ego is blaming your tender heart? Those moments? No one wins; not ever. It’s amazing how often we blame others for our wounds, other people have treated us wrongly and somehow we define ourselves through these experiences. But what if we look at how we treat ourselves? I bet no one has ever treated you as poorly as you have treated yourself. We do not speak to our tender hearts with love and compassion. We do not give permission for our human condition. We push and pull and magnify all that is wrong with us and ridicule and scold when we are not the “perfect” version of who we want to be. But what if, we just love ourselves? What if, the next time you are not fitting into the mould you have strictly made for yourself you say “it’s okay, I love you”. Could you imagine how that inner child who’s stamping their feet and getting angry would feel? They’d feel love. And you know what? When we feel love, we let go. We step aside and let the pain and suffering melt. Inner peace would ultimately move in.

Hey, give yourself a break and simply love all that is within you.

IMG_5485Details of our Inner Child – Ego “The Pilot – Control Freak”

IMG_5484Details of our tender heart inner child



IMG_5456The original painting used to be a circus tent I had completed years ago. Something came over me and I just had to change it. This was my evolution. To see my complete evolution check out my instagram account buttersvelvethead.


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